18 May 2010 7:55 PM

E-510 50mm 1/800 f/3.2 iso 400

It was last spring, I think, Toronto Dominion Bank, where the employer keeps his loot. Probably near Earth Day or some other bandwagoneered cause, but what I got was the best reusable shopping bag ever and one of those new and corporately trendy (at least last year and the year before, but why not now?) bits of rough parchment with wildflower seeds inside; you plant the paper, water it a little, wildflowers!

The TD wildflowers failed, at least last spring/summer. This spring, from right where I planted the strip, this beauty arose just last week. No idea which flower we’re dealing with here, but I’d like to know. What I did notice about it, right after it started raining while taking this photo (lens=weatherproof, camera=not) is that a profile shot would reveal it’s got crazy, jester’s hat-like projections out the back, each tipped with a yellow “bell”.

I’m in love with this flower, I want a garden full of them. I’m not seeing any others like it in the neighbourhood, any ideas? Or is it just a common weed I've never noticed before?




MT 3.121